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The Human Face of Urban Food Systems

Today, half the world’s population lives in cities. That share will jump to two-thirds by 2050, with much of the growth occurring in Africa and Asia. Given the pace and scale of urbanization, combined with global pressures on food systems such as climate change, a number of initiatives have emerged in recent years to help >> Read more

A Different Focus on Stunting

Is stunting the problem we need to solve, or the indicator of the problems we should be looking at? Jef Leroy, Senior Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), recently explained what stunting means and how the focus on it could cause confusion that can prevent us from solving global nutrition challenges.

Ask the Researchers: The Retail Diversity for Dietary Diversity Project

A4NH researchers at Managing Partners Bioversity International and Wageningen University & Research, along with partners Fresh Studio and Food Synetics, recently released findings and recommendations on the Retail Diversity for Dietary Diversity (RD4DD) project.

HarvestPlus Names New CEO to Lead Biofortification Work

Arun Baral will be the next Chief Executive Officer of HarvestPlus, the global program has announced. Currently serving as CFO, Baral will lead HarvestPlus' work to address the serious nutrition and health impacts of micronutrient deficiencies in low- and middle-income countries by improving agriculture and food systems, according to a statement released by the program on >> Read more

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