Project Partners


With so much important work being done in a variety of areas towards achieving international development objectives, no one organization can address every aspect of every issue. Partnering with another organization on a particular project enables participants to draw upon one another's expertise and knowledge to collaboratively achieve an improved outcome.
In this spirit, A4NH works with numerous partners on specific projects, taking advantage of situations where interests and opportunities intersect. This work often occurs at the local level, where those involved are able to learn from one another, build capacity, and amplify the impacts of the work.
In the recent past, these collaborations have occurred with efforts to improve access to healthy diets by increasing the availability of fresh produce for urban consumers through partnering with small and medium enterprises, improving the safety and salability of local crops by working with government and local businesses to transfer aflasafe technology to entities within a country, and learning how early childcare centers might be a platform for improving nutrition for children enrolled and their siblings.