GEE Unit


The Gender, Equity, and Empowerment (GEE) Unit

F. Fiondella IRI-CCAFS

This cross-cutting unit ensures that gender and equity is integrated into the research and activities of A4NH. Gender is widely recognized as an integral part of the different systems of agriculture, nutrition, and health. Women are traditionally thought of as the guardians of household food security and nutrition, yet decisions about what foods to produce and how to produce them, which foods are sold and purchased, and how foods are prepared and allocated to different household members can be made by both men and women. These household decisions have varying effects on agricultural outcomes and on the health and nutritional status of household members, and are therefore fundamental to A4NH research and impact.

The GEE unit hosts workshops and webinars, shares lessons learned and resources through the A4NH Gender-Nutrition Idea Exchange blog, and conducts other capacity development activities identified and carried out through a growing community of practice of researchers and practitioners working on gender and nutrition issues in agricultural programs. The unit also conducts its own strategic research that builds evidence on key conceptual and methodological questions, and develops and validates indicators, tools, and metrics that can be used to measure impacts of agricultural programs and policies on gender, equity, and empowerment issues. Strategic research carried out by the GEE unit generates evidence across four priority areas: (i) how women’s empowerment affects nutrition and health; (ii) how to engage men in nutrition and health; (iii) how to target youth, especially adolescent girls; and (iv) linkages between gender, agriculture, health, and nutrition.

For more information about this unit, please contact Gender Research Coordinator Hazel Malapit.

Documentation related to Gender and the GEE Unit: