MEL Unit


The Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Unit 

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This cross-cutting unit supports results-based management and learning, driven by the A4NH theories of change. The current A4NH results framework describes the primary research and development outcomes and impacts to which activities and outputs of our collaborative research program are expected to contribute. Each of the five A4NH flagships has its own impact pathway – a sequence of outcomes, which describes how its activities and outputs, together with contributions from cross-cutting units such as GEE – are expected to contribute to immediate and intermediate development outcomes. The MEL unit helps each flagship develop and refine another set of impact pathways at the level of cluster of activities, which provide more detail on the causal chain from specific outputs and related activities to outcomes and identify and assess the assumptions and risks that underlie anticipated linkages in the sequence of outcomes. These theories of change are tools the MEL unit can use to support real-time management and monitoring of the flagships. At the CRP level, the MEL unit manages monitoring, reporting, evaluation, and impact assessment activities and at the flagship level, operationalizes a variety of measures that support learning in ways that strengthen results-based management. As an example, the MEL unit and flagship teams annually review and revise the theories of change based on the collected evidence, and to the extent possible, conducts contribution analysis to reflect and strengthen A4NH performance.

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