We view partnerships as long-term, sustainable collaborative relationships with shared responsibility, mutual respect, and clear accountability in which different parties join together to achieve a common goal while contributing to each institution’s mandate that would not be possible for either partner to achieve alone in a cost-effective or time-efficient way. - John McDermott, A4NH Director

A4NH works specifically to address the CGIAR System Level Outcome on improving nutrition and health, and recognizes that no single institution can reach this goal on its own. Accordingly, A4NH has built strong and diverse partnerships to forge cooperation between the agriculture, nutrition, and health sectors, to strengthen the capacity of national research organizations and scientists in these sectors to achieve country, regional, and global development goals. A4NH partnerships foster new relationships between researchers, development implementers, and enablers for faster progress in achieving development outcomes and impacts.

A4NH partnerships include the donors who support this critical work, the seven Managing Partners who guide it, and the network of more than 300 partners around the world working at different levels to meet these goals.

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