Capacity Development


A4NH research addresses a variety of issues, in a broad range of locations, and at different levels. However, across all these efforts, researchers are committed to ensuring capacity is developed so that countries and communities are able to move forward towards their specific and unique goals and objectives.
Specific examples of capacity development efforts include:

  • Transform Nutrition short courses, which have intensively trained nearly 200 global leaders, practitioners, and other professionals in small groups over seven years, so those leaders can apply knowledge gained to their own efforts to improve nutrition.
  • ANH Academy Week, an annual international conference in which A4NH is a major partner and co-convener. Each year, the week brings together hundreds of early-career and senior researchers across the disciplines of agriculture, nutrition, and health, to present research, attend intensive learning labs, and delve into new and emerging topics in these fields.
  • Graduate training programs, at both the MSc and PhD levels, provide support at local and partner universities to equip the next generation of researchers with the tools they need to address nutrition and health challenges in their own countries.
  • Ensuring development and implementation of strategies to turn research efforts over to national- and regional-level partners to carry forward implementation and adaptation to particular contexts. Ranging from Aflasafe to biofortified crops, these partnerships for development are critical to ensuring impacts are sustainable and partner led and driven.