About FSRC


Food systems in low- and middle-income countries are changing rapidly, with serious consequences for the nutritional health and wellbeing of billions of people. Addressing multiple burdens of malnutrition; ensuring longer value chains can still deliver safe and fresh foods; and creating food environments that enable consumers to make healthy choices in the face of increased time pressures and demands for convenience are among the many challenges development practitioners, entrepreneurs, and policymakers face. They need straight-forward access to reliable data and research that is easy to understand and contextualize as they work to ensure that globally, food systems transform in a way that ensures everyone has access to a sustainable and healthy diet.

To meet this need, the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) is pleased to announce the launch of the Food Systems Resource Center (FSRC). The FSRC is an easy-to-navigate gathering place for the reliable data, evidence, and findings generated by the world-class researchers who make up A4NH’s Food Systems for Healthier Diets research flagship.

In its first phase, the FSRC provides easy and searchable access to the wide body of research, tools, and ideas generated by A4NH researchers on key topics related to food systems transformation, organized by point of entry into the conversation as well as by geographic location. A planned second phase of the FSRC will soon follow, and include carefully curated selections from outside the A4NH portfolio, as well as a searchable point of entry based on a food system framework.

As part of the FSRC, A4NH is proud to launch the Food Systems Idea Exchange, an exciting new blog that will feature voices from throughout the field of food systems research and policy, diving deep into some of the many nuances and points of consideration that make up the food system debate.