Flagship 5


Flagship 5: Improving Human Health

           Flagship 5 Note

This Flagship Program is an innovative collaboration between public health and agriculture researchers aimed at mitigating health risks and optimizing benefits in agricultural systems. This flagship is led by a joint partnership arrangement co-convened by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), thus bridging agriculture and public health research to deliver high-quality scientific outputs and to identify new key opportunities for integrated actions that improve human health.



Flagship Leader Jeff Waage discusses A4NH work on Improving Human Health:


Below is a visual depicting the Flagship 5 impact pathway.

The specific Flagship 5 Cluster of Activities (CoA) are:

  • CoA1: Diseases in Agricultural Landscapes concentrates on understanding the health effects of agricultural intensification, including changes in water use, so that agricultural research initiatives, including those in farming communities, are more aware of how and why it is important to measure health risks and benefits.

A4NH Researcher Jo Lines, of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, talks about rice, malaria, and changing landscapes in Africa:

  • CoA2: Emerging and Neglected Zoonotic Diseases studies shared human and animal disease risks and explores the impacts of co-locating and aligning health and agricultural interventions for effective management so that agricultural and public health policymakers and implementers deliver coordinated and effective solutions to cysticercosis, in particular, and other zoonotic threats; and public and private sector policymakers.
  • CoA3: Global Challenges on Agriculture and Health coordinates research on tackling emerging, common problems for health and agriculture, such as antimicrobial resistance and pesticide resistance, in order for public and private sector policymakers to implement measures to reduce health risks from antimicrobial resistance in hotspot livestock systems

** To learn more or engage directly with this Flagship Program, please contact the designated Flagship Leader.