New Brief Series Details Aspects of One Health


by A4NH | March 26, 2021

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) which co-leads A4NH work on Improving Human Health, has released a series of briefs on One Health which aim to highlight the benefits of the One Health approach for improving sustainable livestock production and strengthening livelihoods and improve our understanding of the complex linkages between the wider environment, animal and human health.

One Health approaches work across sectors and scales for better health outcomes for people, animals and the environment and recognizes the interconnections between all three.

The series of seven key messages and more than 20 practical action areas provide governments, investors, experts in One Health and policymakers options to invest in better health and improved food systems. The interventions emphasize the need to move to actions that are adaptive and flexible in local contexts.

The briefs explore:

Improving Human Health

A new proposed One Health initiative by CGIAR will work with farmers and governments around the world to improve food safety, disease surveillance, reduce AMR, protect the environment, and unite experts.


The authors share ten facts on India’s urban employment during the pandemic and the lockdown in this opinion piece which originally appeared in the Financial Express.


CGIAR researchers have conducted the first world-level assessment COVID-19's impacts on food security. Their findings also shed light on considerations for building back more resilient food systems.