Food Systems Innovations for Healthier Diets

Low and middle-income countries are in the midst of a rapid transition from traditional to modern diets. While some consumers still lack access to enough food, for others, the growing availability and consumption of processed foods and increasingly sedentary lifestyles are leading to accelerating overweight and obesity rates.

A4NH, IFPRI Participate in Purdue University “Ending Global Hunger Colloquium 2019”

Leading figures in the global fight against hunger gathered at Purdue University April 10-11 for a colloquium to exchange ideas on forging a new pathway towards eliminating world hunger and achieving the ideal of every person's human right to a healthy, nutritious diet.

From Challenge to Change

Obesity is increasing in most countries, in both urban and rural settings, across socio-economic levels, among children and adults. Consequences include a heightened risk of noncommunicable diseases, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and various cancers. This alarming global trend coincides with limited and patchy progress in driving down rates of undernutrition, as shown by >> Read more

Symposium Offers Opportunities to Share Lessons on Pork Production, Safety

Pork has great nutritional and economic impacts in Southeast Asia. Smallholder pig production plays a critical role in this sector, and research into health, safety, and development is in great demand from policymakers, the private sector, and other stakeholders.