A4NH Researchers Address COVID-19


by A4NH | April 10, 2020

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As COVID-19 continues to reshape and impact many aspects of life for people around the world, researchers from A4NH are analyzing those impacts and what they mean for the future of food systems, public health, nutrition, development, and more. They share their thoughts in a series of blogs, highlighted below. 

Many of these posts have been written in collaboration with IFPRI, as part of their COVID-19 blog series, co-edited by IFPRI director general Johan Swinnen and A4NH director John McDermott.

We invite you to check back regularly for new posts.

One Month Later: New Survey Suggests Continued Rising Risk of Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as COVID-19 Restrictions Continue
Gashaw Taddesse Abate, Alan de Brauw, and Kalle Hirvonen/Posted July 9

Follow-up results suggest food security situation has not yet deteriorated but savings used as primary coping device could soon run out.


Improving India's Public Distribution System: What Can We Learn from COVID-19?
Devesh Roy and Mamata Pradhan/Posted June 17

India's PDS has been the anchor of its food security safety net programs for decades.


Survey suggests rising risk of food and nutrition insecurity in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as COVID-19 restrictions continue
Kalle Hirvonen, Gashaw Taddesse Abate, and Alan de Brauw / Posted May 21

How have households been impacted by pandemic, and what are the implications for food security and diet diversity?


Exploring the Relationship Between Obesity and COVID-19
Rinke Stienstra, Sander Kersten and Hans Verhoef / Posted April 23

With growing interest in the relationship between COVID-19 and obesity, the authors explore possible links between the two.


The COVID-19 Nutritional Crisis: What to Expect and How to Protect
Derek Headey and Marie Ruel / Posted April 23

The COVID-19 pandemic has all the makings for a perfect storm for global malnutrition. The authors identify key actions to protect nutritionally vulnerable groups.


Why Gender Matters in COVID-19 Responses — Now and in the Future
Neha Kumar, Agnes Quisumbing, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, and Claudia Ringler / Posted April 22 

The authors explain how health recommendations to stop the spread of COVID-19 affect men and women differently in developing countries, and offer ideas on how to address the disparities.


Reshaping Food Systems After COVID-19
Ruerd Ruben, John McDermott, and Inge Brouwer/ Posted April 20

Food systems are undergoing transformations all over the world. How will COVID-19 shape those transformations, and what steps can countries take to ensure people have access to healthy, sustainable diets?


Coronavirus Pandemic Highlights Need to Ensure Good Nutrition
Erick Boy / Posted April 16

Head of Nutrition for HarvestPlus explains how healthy diets, essential micronutrients help build strong immune systems, of even greater importance in light of the global pandemic.


COVID-19, Food and Nutrition in West Africa: Potential Impacts and Resources
Transform Nutrition West Africa / Posted April 14

Findings from an early April rapid survey of partners conducted by TNWA on national responses to COVID-19, potential impacts on food and nutrition security in the region.


Diets in a Time of Coronavirus: Don't Let Vegetables Fall Off the Plate
Jody Harris / Posted April 13

Vegetables are a key source of essential micronutrients, and an important part of a healthy diet, yet in many parts of the world, their supply chain is at risk of disruption.


Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis on Vegetable Value Chains in Ethiopia
Seneshaw Tamru, Kalle Hirvonen, and Bart Minton / posted April 13

Early insights into impacts of coronavirus on the vegetable value chain, from farmers to consumers, in Ethiopia.


Africa's Growing Risk of Diseases that Spread from Animals to People
Bernard Bett, Delia Randolph, and John McDermott / Posted April 8, 2020

The rising risk of emergence and spread of zoonoses in Africa has significant consequences for the continent and the rest of the world.


How India's Food-Based Safety Net Program is Responding to the COVID-19 Lockdown
Devesh Roy, Ruchira Boss, and Mamata Pradhan / Posted April 7, 2020

In the midst of the largest lockdown in history, marshalling an array of social safety net programs to buttress food security among the poor.


How Will COVID-19 Affect Food and Nutrition Security in the Global South?
Stuart Gillespie and Alan Whiteside / Posted March 30, 2020

Poverty, malnutrition, weak healthcare systems, and other factors will complicate the response to the pandemic.


Coronavirus Threat Looms Large for Low-Income Cities
by Eric Fèvre and Cecilia Tacoli / Posted March 5, 2020
Originally published by the International Institute for Environment and Development

Weak infrastructure could leave urban settlements in low-income countries highly vulnerable, should the rapid spread of COVID-19 continue.

Improving Human Health

A new proposed One Health initiative by CGIAR will work with farmers and governments around the world to improve food safety, disease surveillance, reduce AMR, protect the environment, and unite experts.


The authors share ten facts on India’s urban employment during the pandemic and the lockdown in this opinion piece which originally appeared in the Financial Express.


New series from A4NH Managing Partner ILRI aims to improve understanding of the complex linkages between the wider environment, animal and human health