Rapid Assessment: Bangladesh


by A4NH | October 29, 2020

COVID-19 measures such as mobility restrictions and social distancing have impacted food systems worldwide. This rapid assessment led by researchers from Wageningen University & Research, with support from A4NH, analyzes secondary data to reveal immediate impacts of the crisis.

View the Rapid Country Assessment Report for Bangladesh, published in July 2020.

Learn more about the rapid assessment process, including links to other reports.

View the Rapid Country Assessment report conducted for Ethiopia, published in July 2020.


In this report, researchers from the A4NH's Platforms for Healthier Diets project aim to identify the most important topics in


The COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh, associated public health measures, and people’s responses to these measures are projected to have caused


New discussion paper explores unexpected findings on women’s empowerment, women’s employment outside their homes, and women’s diet diversity in Bangladesh in the months following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.