Paper: Food systems everywhere: Improving relevance in practice


by A4NH | October 27, 2020

Food systems approaches have grown considerably in popularity, yet definitions differ depending upon what components and dynamics are emphasized, making it difficult to understand tradeoffs and identify relevant policies and interventions. This new analysis, by A4NH Food Systems for Healthier Diets flagship leader Inge D. Brouwer, A4NH Director John McDermott, and A4NH Planning and Management Committee member Ruerd Ruben, assesses 32 highly-cited international studies on food systems, identifying differences and trade-offs to uncover four pathways for food system transformation.

The paper, titled "Food systems everywhere: Improving relevance in practice," was published in Global Food Security in September 2020. An accompanying blog was published on the Food Systems Idea Exchange on World Food Day, October 16, 2020.

Food Systems Analysis

As stakeholders seek to promote diets that are both healthy and environmentally sustainable in terms of production and consumption, the

Food Systems Analysis

Maize makes up a significant portion of the diet in many parts of Zambia, and as demand for convenient snack

Food Systems Analysis

In this paper, the authors seek to strengthen the evidence base around nutrient and dietary gaps in Nigeria by examining