The brief comes from the Technical Working Group on Economic Evaluations of Agriculture, Food, and Livelihood Strategies for Health and Nutrition.
Programs for improving diets often focus on demand, providing incentives to groups of consumers. However, connecting with the consumer through adjustments in the food environment may be more effective for supporting healthier food choices.
A new framework will guide practitioners to use a broad portfolio of crop species to bring nutrition back to the table.
CIAT, an A4NH Managing Partner, will host a workshop showcasing the R4D continuum of developing, testing, validating and upscaling the NSVC conceptual framework.
The video, created by researchers at the Zoonotic and Emerging Diseases Group with support from A4NH, details the complexities of AMR and offers concrete suggestions to help combat this global health risk.
Evidence brief details progress towards nutrition goals, offers recommendations for further action
Researchers from IFPRI, in new work supported by A4NH, explore the relative prices of healthy and unhealthy foods and dietary problems faced by countries worldwide.
“Hidden hunger,” or micronutrient deficiency, affects a large section of the Indian population, as it does in many developing countries. Biofortified staples can help improve diets.
Food Systems for Healthier Diets
Areas for collaboration were identified in this session which followed on A4NH's Food Systems Partner Consultations earlier in 2019