Webinar: Addressing Food Safety in Animal Source Foods for Improved Nutrition


by kkeeton

USAID Tops Small Grants Program

USAID Tops Small Grants Program

Join the third event in the Livestock & Household Nutrition Learning Series, convened by Land O’Lakes International Development and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), funded through the USAID TOPS Small Grants Program. The webinar, "Addressing Food Safety in Animal Source Foods for Improved Nutrition," will be held online Wednesday, January 25 from 9:30-11:00am EST.

What are the key food safety issues related to livestock production and animal-source foods, and what are their potential impacts on human health and nutrition?

Register for our upcoming joint Agrilinks and Microlinks webinar where experts will share effective approaches to improving food safety and quality throughout the livestock value chain.

Presenters will discuss new actions taking place in development that help provide clean, safe and affordable animal source foods to poor urban and rural households. In addition, experts will illustrate the role of animal-source foods in the global burden of food-borne disease and why food safety related to animal source foods plays an important role in food security.

Webinar speakers include: Andrew Bisson (USAID Bureau for Food Security), A4NH researcher, Hung Nguyen-Viet (ILRI), Dennis Karamuzi (USAID Rwanda Dairy Sector Competitiveness Project II), and Silvia Alonso (ILRI).

** Visit the Agrilinks event page for more information, and to register now!