CCE Unit


The Country Coordination and Engagement (CCE) Unit

IFPRI Images/Flickr

IFPRI Images/Flickr

This cross-cutting unit exists to make the way we conduct research more efficient by formalizing ways to share information between A4NH flagships working in select countries and between A4NH and our national partners working across agriculture, nutrition, and health. The unit is made up of five in-country research teams comprised of flagship representatives in the five A4NH focus countries – Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, and Vietnam. These five countries are where A4NH will target efforts to enhance the orientation of our research so that it supports country leaders, capacity, and performance for healthier food systems and more effective cross-sectoral policies and investments. The five were selected from the countries where A4NH was active during Phase I because they represent populations with significant nutritional deficiencies and health burdens and our flagship teams have the capacity and existing networks in which to carry out our ambitious agenda. A secondary purpose of this unit is to serve as a link between A4NH and the CGIAR Site Integration process, an initiative to help the CGIAR system work, think, coordinate, and collaborate more like a system rather than as separate, independent organizations. Site Integration is being carried out in 20 priority countries. The A4NH focus countries are also CGIAR’s priority countries for Site Integration and four of them – Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Vietnam – are classified as high priority.

For more information about this unit, please contact John McDermott.