In this report, researchers from the A4NH's Platforms for Healthier Diets project aim to identify the most important topics in
In times of expected economic shocks, farming households may turn to planting staple crops for their own consumption, at the
Food Systems Analysis
In this paper, the authors seek to strengthen the evidence base around nutrient and dietary gaps in Nigeria by examining
The authors identify and discuss the types of research that can support the operationalization of food systems approaches to improve diet quality in Nigeria
Snapshot of a national food system, guided by the Compendium Of Indicators For Food System Assessment
Foresight Analysis
Healthy Diets and Reduced Land Pressure: Towards a Double Gain for Future Food Systems in Nigeria
Drivers of Vegetable Consumption in Urban Nigeria: Food Choice Motives, Knowledge, and Self-Efficacy
Food Systems for Healthier Diets
Nigeria faces many of the same challenges confronting other low and middle-income countries today. Rapid development, high population growth, and