News from Flagship Five: Improving Human Health

Agriculture transforms landscapes and influences livelihoods, changing both the conditions by which human diseases emerge and spread, and the capacity of communities to protect themselves.

By expanding its portfolio to include Improving Human Health as a research flagship for the program's second phase, A4NH furthers its commitment to fostering interdisciplinary research to identify and address challenges shared by the agriculture and health sectors. Under this flagship, agricultural and human health researchers are working together to identify evidence of positive and negative effects of agricultural development on disease, and to develop interventions to reduce disease risks and improve human health.

To learn more about A4NH's work on improving human health, please visit the Improving Human Health Flagship page.

Below are news stories, blog posts, and other information that help inform research in this area.

Africa Must Take the Lead in Addressing Global Health Challenges

The new Director General of the World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a former minister of health in Ethiopia. Africa – at last – is now at the centre of global health policy.