Independent Steering Committee


The Independent Steering Committee (ISC) has replaced Phase I's Independent Advisory Committee (IAC), enabling it to take on a more active governance role. The ISC not only provides advice on strategic direction and priority-setting for the overall program, but also undertakes a formal review and approval of A4NH’s annual plan of work and budget, plans for program evaluations, and strategies. The ISC reports to the IFPRI Board annually with recommendations and proposed management responses.


Phase II: ISC Meeting Notes

ISC Terms of Reference

2017 Meeting Summary

2018 Meeting Summary

2019 Meeting Summary with Management Response

2020 Meeting Summary

Phase I: IAC Meeting Notes
IAC Meeting 1 (2012)- 2012 Agenda & Notes
IAC Meeting 2 (2013)- 2013 Agenda & Notes
IAC Meeting 3 (2014)- 2014 Agenda & Notes
IAC Meeting 4 (2015)- 2015 Agenda & Notes
IAC Meeting 5 (2016)- 2016 Agenda & Notes