HarvestPlus Founder Joins Forces with African Leaders for Nutrition


by A4NH | June 7, 2018

HarvestPlus Founder Howarth Bouis

The African Development Bank welcomes HarvestPlus founder Howarth Bouis to the African Leaders for Nutrition (ALN) initiative, to address the pervasive challenge of micronutrient malnutrition. Well known for his efforts to produce micronutrient-rich staples that reduce “hidden hunger,” he brings a wealth of expertise in global research and policies on biofortification.

“Innovative solutions like biofortification can improve the vitamin and mineral intakes of the poor significantly, cost-effectively, and with minimum behavior change,” Bouis says. “I’m thrilled to join forces with so many committed leaders in prioritizing and investing in solutions to address malnutrition.”

The ALN initiative aims to mobilize political action and leadership for nutrition in Africa by building a high-level forum that strengthens government policies and financial commitment to end malnutrition. It is part of eight flagship programs launched under the African Development Bank High 5 priorities that include “Feed Africa” and “Improve the quality of life for the people of African.”

This post was excerpted from the African Development Bank's website. Read the full post here.