New video: ag-nutrition pathways


by kkeeton | May 8, 2014

New video on agriculture-nutrition pathways added to the A4NH Vimeo channel!


Exploring Agriculture-Nutrition Pathways from A4NH on Vimeo.


In this video, Jody Harris, a nutritionist with IFPRI, gives an overview of some conceptual work undertaken with Anna Herforth that is particularly relevant to A4NH, building on research by colleagues at IFPRI and elsewhere. The underlying causes of undernutrition in children are known as food, health and care; this highlights the critical role of the agriculture sector as supplier of diverse nutritious foods. Jody presents a set of conceptual pathways linking agriculture and nutrition, and highlights research that illuminates how some of these pathways play out in different contexts, and next steps for research in this area under A4NH.