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With so many people working on different aspects of food systems at all levels, all over the world, there is no shortage of good ideas and interesting points for discussion. A4NH is proud to bring you the Food System Idea Exchange, where different voices can come together to explore the many issues around food system transformation.


Globally, we are eating a smaller array of foods, resulting in diets that are less nutritious and healthy. Yet FAO estimates more than 5,500 food crops exist globally. So why aren’t we using them?


Ahead of the CGIAR side meeting at CFS, A4NH Senior Research Coordinator Namukolo Covic reflects on how the EAT-Lancet Healthy Reference Diet might be contextualized for the global south.


Programs for improving diets often focus on demand, providing incentives to groups of consumers. However, connecting with the consumer through adjustments in the food environment may be more effective for supporting healthier food choices.

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