Designing Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chain Projects


by A4NH | May 1, 2019

Governments and development agencies often invest in value chain projects as a way to link agricultural producers to markets, improving production and increasing producer incomes. But to meet the malnutrition problems of today, value chains must also deliver nutritious foods to consumers. To meet this challenge, James Garrett, Senior Research Fellow with Bioversity International and A4NH's liaison with the UN Rome-Based Agencies, in collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development, recently coauthored a set of publications setting out how to design nutrition-sensitive value chain projects. The two-volume  Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains: A Guide for Project Design, illustrative country case studies from Nigeria and Indonesia, and a research paper explaining the approach in more detail enable project designers and implementers to apply a nutrition lens to the design of value chain projects, helping the food system as a whole to better deliver healthy, nutritious diets.

To learn more about the work, and access links to all related publications, visit Bioversity International.