Tackling malnutrition means quality as well as quantity

By CONSORTIUMApril 9, 2013

Fighting malnutrition is not just about giving hungry people more food. It is also about improving the quality of food that they eat. That was the message from Howarth Bouis, director of HarvestPlus, a CGIAR Challenge Program that promotes micronutrient-rich staple food crops through biofortification.

In an interview during a recent visit to India, Bouis said that too often, the focus of policy makers tackling malnutrition is on the number of calories, rather than on what goes to make up the daily food intake.

CGIAR Consortium News - Centers' work on agriculture, food and nutrition: http://www.cgiar.org/consortium-news/tackling-malnutrition-means-quality-as-well-as-quantity/