The Platforms for Healthier Diets project examines the role of platforms in strengthening and/or supporting scaling up and anchoring food
This paper examines how research on the impacts of food systems innovations can accelerate their contributions to healthier diets and
Many low- and middle-income countries have included school-based interventions in their nutrition policies, as they can reach children at a
Agricultural practices can have impacts on the landscape as well as on food safety and availability. For example, pesticide runoff
Food Systems Analysis
How do consumer choices about food and diet affect the overall environmental impacts of a food system? How do these
Snapshot of a national food system, guided by the Compendium Of Indicators For Food System Assessment
Food systems, that is, the full set of processes, activities, infrastructure, and environment that encompass the production, distribution, waste disposal,
Food Systems for Healthier Diets
Stef de Haan is A4NH's Country Coordinator in Vietnam, and Regional Program Management Officer for the International Center for Tropical Agriculture