Emorn Udomkesmalee


Senior Researcher and Former Director, Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University

Emorn Udomkesmalee serves as Senior Researcher at the Institute of Nutrition at Mahidol University in Thailand, where she previously served as Director. She is a board member of the Micronutrient Forum, the New York Academy of Sciences Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science, the International Food Policy Research Institute, and Sight and Life Foundation. She is also the former co-Chair of the Independent Expert Group for the Global Nutrition Report, and the Scientific Director of ILSI Southeast Asia. She serves as a member of the Scientific Council of the Institut de Recherché pour le Developpement (IRD) of France, the Advisory Panel for the Nutrition Association of Thailand, and the Ajinomoto Foundation of Thailand.

Her research interests include micronutrient assessment, bioavailability, and metabolism; efficacy of food-based interventions to address micronutrient deficiencies; maternal and child nutrition policy; and program implementation.