A Global Perspective


While each country’s food system is unique, there are many lessons to be learned and shared across contexts. The ability of policymakers, researchers, implementers and others to do so will help ensure that as food systems evolve from traditional, to transitioning, to modernizing, and beyond, people everywhere have access to diets that are healthy, sustainable, and safe.

Food Systems for Healthier Diets

Companion piece to A4NH-authored chapter in IFPRI's 2020 Global Food Policy Report explores national experiences in food system transformation in A4NH's focus countries


Global food system sustainability study results in the first map of its kind to score sustainability of food systems, country-by-country, going beyond usual questions of productivity and nutrition, to include economic and social variables.


Rates of overweight and obesity are rising at an alarming rate in India, especially among women. IFPRI Research Fellow Avinash Kishore discusses the impacts of changing food environments.