Gender-Nutrition Idea Exchange


On International Day of Rural Women, Hazel Malapit of A4NH sits down with Ramona Ridolfi of HKI to discuss WEAI and women's empowerment.
In presentations, posters, learning labs, and side events, ANH Academy Week explored many aspects of equity in agriculture, nutrition, and health research.
In Timor-Leste, women and men make many decisions about livestock together, but gender norms often influence how these decisions are made.
Gender is an integral component of agriculture, nutrition, and health, yet not all women (nor all men) are the same.
Understanding how women and men allocate their time and energy is crucial for creating gender-sensitive agricultural interventions. However, data on
Agriculture-nutrition pathways
Access to water for irrigation is essential for agricultural families in many areas, yet women and men farmers have unequal
Agriculture-nutrition pathways
Gender is just one of the many social dimensions that make up an individual. In honor of International Women's Day,
The project-level Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (pro-WEAI) is a survey-based tool that measures women’s empowerment and inclusion in agricultural
How people spend their time can influence their health, nutrition, and income. However, accurately measuring time use can be very