Reducing food loss and waste could potentially increase food availability for the poor and reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture. Yet one of the key challenges is to define it and measure it.
To ensure adequate fruit and vegetable consumption, the authors argue for a combination of “push” actions, to bring fruits and vegetables to the consumer, “pull” actions, to bring consumers to these products, and policy solutions.
Improving Human Health
A new proposed One Health initiative by CGIAR will work with farmers and governments around the world to improve food safety, disease surveillance, reduce AMR, protect the environment, and unite experts.
Food Systems for Healthier Diets
New online course, free through 2021, engages participants in food environment analysis
A new proposed CGIAR initiative aims to support and enable consumption of sustainable healthy diets for all, while improving livelihoods, income, gender equity, and social inclusiveness.
The authors consider how follow-through and sufficient resources for UNFSS commitments can be ensured, building on their article in Global Food Security.
In this report, researchers from the A4NH's Platforms for Healthier Diets project aim to identify the most important topics in
The Platforms for Healthier Diets project examines the role of platforms in strengthening and/or supporting scaling up and anchoring food
In times of expected economic shocks, farming households may turn to planting staple crops for their own consumption, at the