Nourishing Millions Podcast Series Launches

Image credit: McKay Savage

Can we really rid the world of hunger and malnutrition in under a decade? The Nourishing Millions podcast series, undertaken in partnership with the University of Michigan School of Public Health, seeks to answer this very question. The series has 11 short episodes, one released each week, that feature the latest groundbreaking thinking about nutrition from top policymakers, researchers, and practitioners. Together, they tell the story of how small and large movements—and everyday people—can help achieve a food- and nutrition-secure world. Listen to the one-minute trailer for more.

The first episode features Dr. Jacob Anankware, an entomologist from Ghana. In the interview, he speaks about how his current project, the raising of the African palm weevil larvae, is nourishing the people of rural Ghana.

Listen to the podcast (or on iTunes here) to learn more about the world of entomophagy.

A longer version of this post originally appeared on the Nourishing Millions website.