Women’s time in agriculture and nutrition: new video

On April 15, 2015, A4NH's Gender Research Coordinator, Hazel Malapit, spoke at an LCIRAH seminar hosted by the Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health (LCIRAH) in London, UK. The seminar was entitled, Analysis of Women's Time in Reproductive and productive work and maternal and child nutrition in Bangladesh, Ghana, and Nepal.

Prior to the seminar, Malapit was interviewed about her research on women’s time in reproductive work and nutrition. She spoke about a study that used data from Bangladesh, Ghana, and Nepal to examine the conditions in which lack of women’s time in reproductive work leads to poorer maternal and child nutrition; and the degree to which women’s time in agriculture or productive work improves or adversely affects maternal and child nutrition.

Learn more about the LCIRAH seminar here.


Watch the video below: