The external evaluation of A4NH is underway


by tdefabachew | January 26, 2015

A4NH External Evaluation 

(updated on 10/15/15 by K.Keeton)

Latest news: The external evaluation is complete!

An independent external evaluation of A4NH, conducted by Julia Compton (team leader), Diana McLean, and Ben Emmons, addressed four main evaluation questions:

  1. Is A4NH on course to achieve its outputs, outcomes, and impacts? Why or why not?
  2. Within the CGIAR, has A4NH added value in comparison to pre-reform ways of doing business?  Any disadvantages?
  3.  Does A4NH have the right resources, systems, and approaches to partnerships?
  4.  Is the scope and focus of A4NH relevant and appropriate?

The panel’s main findings and recommendations are available in the evaluation Executive Summary (PDF, 317 KB). For more detail, please refer to the main report (PDF 2.10 MB), annexes and other documents, available below.

Evaluation: It's not just bean counting!
(Photo: N.Palmer/CIAT)

To answer the evaluation questions, the evaluation team interacted intensively with A4NH staff and partners; conducted individual interviews involving over 250 stakeholders; visited to Bangladesh, India and Kenya, with additional skype interviews with Nigeria; analyzed randomized samples of A4NH project documentation and publications; analyzed A4NH finance and outputs; mapped agriculture, nutrition and health (‘ANH’) activities undertaken by other CRPs; observed key A4NH meetings; and reviewed nearly 400 documents. The evaluation team also commissioned an expert panel composed of Robert Bos, Haris Gazdar, Bonnie McClafferty, Festus Murithi and Simplice Nouala to look at the pros and cons of different areas for focus for A4NH (Bos et al 2015 [PDF 1.32 MB]).

The evaluation had an Oversight Group (PDF 103 KB) composed of both internal and external stakeholders, to help ensure that the evaluation was relevant, independent, and of good quality. The CGIAR's Independent Evaluation Arrangement also has an important quality assurance role, as explained here (PDF 229 KB). The Independent quality validation report commissioned by the IEA on the A4NH evaluation report can be found here (PDF 286 KB). A4NH management agreed with all the evaluation team’s recommendations. Specific actions to be taken are described in the management response.



Evaluation Highlights (PDF 540 KB)

Evaluation Executive Summary (PDF 317 KB)

Evaluation Main Report (Volume 1)  (PDF 2.10 MB)

Volume 2 (Evaluation timeline and methods) (PDF 1.26 MB)

Volume 3 (Background analysis) (PDF 1.59 MB)

Results of February 2015 "Mini-Survey" of CGIAR staff working with A4NH (PDF 852 KB)

Expert Panel Report on Research Gaps and Potential A4NH Involvement (PDF 1 MB)

Background Papers by Evaluation Team (PDF 1.73 MB)

Evaluation Terms of Reference (PDF 483 KB)

Evaluation Inception Report and Annexes to Inception Report (PDFs 1.43 MB and 610 KB)

A4NH Management Response and Action Plan (PDF 260 KB)






Expert Panel Report on Research Gaps and Potential A4NH Involvement (PDF 1MB)