Viewing Ag-Nutrition Pathways Through a Gender Lens


by kkeeton | December 13, 2013

genderFrom December 6-7, nearly 40 scientists representing 10 CGIAR Research Programs and their partners convened in Nairobi to discuss the role of gender in achieving nutritional impact for the poor through agriculture. Convened and led by the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) in response to demand from within the CGIAR, the workshop engaged scientists in nutrition, gender, monitoring and evaluation, and agricultural economics- all linked by efforts to achieve impacts on nutrition-related outcomes. The goals of the workshop were twofold: first, to increase knowledge about how gender influences the impact of agriculture on nutrition, and second, to help researchers apply this knowledge by building capacity in tools and methodologies that integrate gender into research on agriculture-nutrition linkages.

Over the course of one and a half days, the group examined a conceptual framework illustrating the pathways by which agriculture could influence nutrition. Nutrition experts provided presentations on the indicators used to assess impact along these pathways, helping to clarify the evidence-base behind the indicators and how this type of data can be collected in the field. Presentations on quantitative and qualitative methods provided fodder for breakout sessions where workshop participants could discuss their experiences as well as opportunities where new methods could be applied to assumptions, technologies, and interventions.


Additional workshop resources

  • Click here to view the workshop overview and agenda.
  • View all workshop presentations on SlideShare.
  • Read the workshop summary report here, which includes future areas of research, mechanisms for collaboration, and future workshops.


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