Stakeholder consultation, network mapping events for the Nigeria "Stories of Change in Nutrition" study held to better understand challenges to accelerating change in nutrition in that country.
The framing of malnutrition as a global problem which affects us all is long overdue. Viewing it as such demands
Gender is an integral component of agriculture, nutrition, and health, yet not all women (nor all men) are the same.
Is stunting the problem we need to solve, or the indicator of the problems we should be looking at? Jef
Eliot Gee and Teresa Borelli, A4NH researchers with Bioversity International, recently shared information on the Biodiversity for Nutrition Project, conducted
Leading figures in the global fight against hunger gathered at Purdue University April 10-11 for a colloquium to exchange ideas on
Food Systems for Healthier Diets
Despite historically high levels of food production in India, undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies persist. At present, 22.5 percent of adults
How people spend their time can influence their health, nutrition, and income. However, accurately measuring time use can be very
Can gender equality accelerate the achievement of SDG2? I think the answer is yes. There is a growing body of