Who We Are

The governance and management arrangements of the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH) follows the guidelines set out in the CGIAR Strategic Results Framework. IFPRI is the lead center, and has overall fiduciary and operational responsibility for the implementation of the Program.

Management Structure

Independent Advisory Committee (IAC)
The IAC is composed of ten members representing scientists and program development experts, and provides advice on research program performance, research priorities and focus, and management and partnership issues. The Board of Trustees and Director General of IFPRI are accountable for the overall execution of the Program and for the effective engagement of the different partners. IFPRI is responsible for the overall reporting relative to its Program Implementation Agreement with the Consortium Board.

Planning and Management Committee (PMC)
The PMC, whch includes Consortium and non-Consortium members, oversees the planning, management, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the program.

Theme Leaders
Each of the four program flagships has a leader that is accountable to the A4NH Director for developing and implementing a high-quality collaborative work plan as well as ensuring quality of the flagship's activities and outputs.

Center Focal Points (CFP)
CFPs represent each CGIAR Center involved with the A4NH program. The CFPs are selected by their respective Center management and are accountable to both the CGIAR Center management and the A4NH Director on activities related to the program. The CFPs provide a direct link between A4NH and the Centers.

Program Management Unit (PMU)
The A4NH Program Management Unit consists of a small number of staff based at the lead center, IFPRI, who support the implementation of the program.