F. Fiondella IRI/CCAFS

F. Fiondella IRI/CCAFS

Throughout our portfolio, A4NH researchers take into account the role gender plays in determining the impact agriculture can have on nutrition and health outcomes. We recognize that understanding and addressing gender issues is necessary in order for agricultural technologies, interventions, and policies to contribute to equitable health and nutrition.


Only with an understanding of the differences in the roles, responsibilities, decisionmaking, and bargaining power of men and women, can we- as researchers- start to explore factors that determine how and why impacts may differ within the household. The goal of the A4NH Gender Strategy is to help achieve the program’s nutrition and health objectives through greater attention to gender roles and implications within value-chains and in programs and policy impact pathways. We believe that well-integrated gender research within the A4NH portfolio can improve global understanding of the role of gender in the agriculture, nutrition, and health sectors.


Our efforts aim to increase knowledge about how gender influences the impacts of agricultural development on nutrition. A part of this strategy is capacity building, particularly among researchers, to effectively use methods and tools for integrating gender into their research on agriculture-nutrition linkages. The Gender-Nutrition Idea Exchange is a conversational blog that shares personal experience from researchers working on these issues. The GNIE provides researchers a space to ask questions on how to design, conduct, analyze and communicate research, and share new ideas, best practices, and general guidance on gender and nutrition research.

For additional information about this unit, please contact Gender Research Coordinator Hazel Malapit.

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