Researchers from IFPRI, in new work supported by A4NH, explore the relative prices of healthy and unhealthy foods and dietary problems faced by countries worldwide.
“Hidden hunger,” or micronutrient deficiency, affects a large section of the Indian population, as it does in many developing countries. Biofortified staples can help improve diets.
Food Systems for Healthier Diets
Areas for collaboration were identified in this session which followed on A4NH's Food Systems Partner Consultations earlier in 2019
Turning a commitment to scale up nutrition into reality will require high-quality, actionable data – in the right places at the right times.
In presentations, posters, learning labs, and side events, ANH Academy Week explored many aspects of equity in agriculture, nutrition, and health research.
Food safety researchers from Cambodia and Vietnam learned how systems thinking can be used on issues like food-borne illnesses and antimicrobial resistance.
Efforts are progressing to develop Food-Based Dietary Guidelines in Ethiopia.
In Timor-Leste, women and men make many decisions about livestock together, but gender norms often influence how these decisions are made.
Why do some areas seem to be anthrax hotspots? A4NH researchers from the International Livestock Research Institute recently spoke with The Conversation Africa about this issue.