OneHealth approach gets attention in India


by kkeeton | August 27, 2014

Photo credit: Akram Ali / CARE Bangladesh

Photo credit: Akram Ali / CARE Bangladesh

A4NH's work in the area of preventing agriculture-associated diseases (Flagship 3) was recently featured in Biospectrum magazine of India. The article highlights efforts to increase adoption of the OneHealth strategy for addressing the challenges of human, animal, and environmental health, as presented at the recent International Conference on Host-Pathogen Interactions in India by A4NH partner, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).


Emphasizing the heavy toll of zoonotic diseases—that is, diseases which emanate from animals—ILRI’s Asia Head, Dr. Purvi Mehta explained that zoonotic diseases claim about 2.2 million lives each year and have resulted in global economic losses of more than $80 billion between 1998-2009. The OneHealth approach to tackling emerging zoonotic diseases seeks joint solutions rather than focusing on animal and human health separately.


Read the full article in Biospectrum magazine online here.